Companies contact me for various reasons:

  • they are dissatisfied with their sales team performance
  • they find it hard to grow with the founder being the only salesperson
  • they want to generate up-sell, but Project Managers lack skills in sales
  • they want to align communication of Sales, PMs and Accounts Management teams to increase their efficiency in generating new sales and up-selling.

Whatever companies situation is, they have to invest in proper training, ideally for the whole team. Face-to-face trainings are expensive. 

That is why they chose my online Sales Training which can (as additional service) be accompanied by individual live-sessions.

  • It is available online, on demand, 24/7;
  • It is tailored specifically for the language services industry;
  • Practical exercises with help you take immediate action;
  • 12-month subscription enables you to return to the training several times during the year;
  • You can profit from my 20-years of successful experience on translation market.

Fantastic Value for Money

12-months subscription period

Clients feedback from my trainings

Gaetan Chretiennot

CEO at Six Continents, France

“Attending Andrzej's sales training was like listening to a great story. His theory behind sales unfolded naturally and Andrzej put everything into perspective, making sure to relate to his industry experience... adding fun here and there for extra motivation. The workshop was a true eye-opener. I can see a huge potential for my company and myself, to implement a clear strategy with the appropriate sales techniques.”

Konstantin Dranch

Localization Industry Consultant

“Andrzej's sales training was well-structured and paced. What I liked a lot is the fact that it was based on practical experience in our industry, That fact gave a lot of credibility to the methods described. I learned new stuff, on dealing with difficult and stalling clients, how to relaunch them into action, and how not to give too much upfront to the client. The training would work for a small/medium-sized company CEO where the manager takes direct control over the sales process. It's fresh, based on practice and well-structured. Easy to understand as well.”

Isaias Cereda

Sales Director, Korn Traducoes, Brasil

“The sales training was very helpful and you shared the informations very clearly. It was all very important, because you showed us that we must know how we can speak with our clients without having to put ourselves below them. I really believe in this idea and we are working on it with our team. I would recommend participating in your training because you show experience, knowledge and share the information clearly.”

Dani Coelho

Team Leader at Letrario, Portugal

“I found the sales training very insightful and helpful. I was able to give brief presentations about this training in my own company, sharing insightful tips and resources, which allowed for the repositioning of the sales team. The learning elements one can draw from such a session are of the utmost importance given the current commercial conjecture.”

This training draws from my experience gained when managing LIDO-LANG Technical Translations. I directly contributed to the growth of our company which became one of the leading Translation Companies in Central Europe. What is more, we executed a successful exit and sold 100% of shares to Sepro Group, one of the biggest LSPs in the world.

Training contents:

  • Sales Process step by step

  • Tools used in sales process

  • Building value for the client

  • Negotiation

  • Prospecting

It includes real-life cases and advice based on my 20-years of practical experience on the translation market.

Andrzej Nedoma

CEO, Enterpreneur, Sales Coach, Presenter, Triathlete

Andrzej Nedoma

is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in business. He began developing his expertise in the translation industry in 1996.

Fantastic Value for Money

12-months subscription period