For Account Managers and Sales Teams

This is a group coaching program, aiming at building Sales, Upsales and Account management skills of people involved operationally in these processes.

We work in the format of online group sessions, once a month. Every member of the Inner Circle may provide before each session his/her particular questions, cases, challenges faced during work with real clients (without revealing the client name!). A Selection of these cases and questions is discussed during each session. 

The goal is for everyone to learn on true, real cases - faced by anyone of the Inner Circle members. In that way, without disclosing client names, everyone builds their own skills and learns strategies for handling particular situations.

It is an amazing opportunity to take the learning experience to a much higher level, by turning the theory into practice.

Group sessions and learning on cases brought by peers not only broaden horizons and builds skills like never before, but also provides a very dynamic and interactive learning environment. 

Not to mention very affordable pricing - just 100 EUR / month

Course curriculum

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    Inner Circle Session 1

    • Inner Circle Session 1